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Mizzou is is well balanced team. They pass and run the ball almost evenly, but chose to run slightly more often.

Down Play Type Percentage Called
1st Pass 42.20%
2nd Pass 43.33%
3rd Pass 53.33%
4th Pass 2.43%

Ish Witter, their biggest threat as a RB and Emanuel Hall an explosive WR who can make the big play and gain the big yards in a single play additionally, Mizzou has a strong TE Albert Okwuegbunam (Fr) who has 11 touchdowns and averages 14.9 yrds.

RUSH AND PASS player breakdown

In the following performance breakdown, I do an offensive breakdown of the last 6 games. The first chart is an overall perfomrance chart (rush and pass), followed by a yrd gain per down. The down analysis charts shows the aggregate of average (AVG), Arkansas game, and Georgia game. I marked Arkansas and Georgia as Arkansas separately because Arkansas is the most recent game and Georgia was the only team to keep the Mizzou’s offense under 30 points.

Top Rushers

When Rushing, two players stand out. Ish Witter with 119 carries and 727 yards gained and Larry Roundtree III with 83 carries and 401 yards gained.

Ish Witter Yards gained.

Down AVG vs ARK vs UGA
1st 6.10 4.82 1.66
2nd 5.96 4.21 1.0
3rd 5.44 5.8 2.0
4th 1.0 NA NA

Larry Rountree III yards gained.

Down AVG vs ARK vs UGA
1st 5.98 3.63 5.0
2nd 5.09 5.33 4.0
3rd 14.0 3.0 5.0
4th 1.0 1.0 NA

Top Receivers

Mizzou’s top receivers are Emanuel Hall, J’Mon Moore, and Albert Okwuegbunam. I attemped to get data on ball drops and reception radius, but the data source didn’t really provide details to infer. With the lack of information, I simply compute the ratio of completed passes. Hall and Okwuegbunam completed receptions at about 36% rate. The real MVP was J’Mon Moore, who completed receptions 54% of the time he was targeted.

Emanuel Hall yards gained.

Down AVG vs ARK vs UGA
1st 18.0 28.0 63.0
2nd 5.3 0.0 3.0
3rd 16.8 55.0 36.0
4th NA NA NA

J’Mon Moore yards gained.

Down AVG vs ARK vs UGA
1st 8.6 9.4 8.0
2nd 10.6 10.3 NA
3rd 9.8 0.0 0.0
4th NA 1.0 NA

Albert Okwuegbunam yards gained.

Down AVG vs ARK vs UGA
1st 10.63 12.5 0.0
2nd 8.88 19.0 4.0
3rd 11.33 9.5 6.0
4th 0 NA NA